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  In short order other wineries such as Thornton, Baily, Leonesse, Maurice Carrie, Palumbo, and Keyways added to the wineries that were regularly winning Gold and Silver medals at copoius wine competitions conducted in California.  <a href="">China Deep Groove Ball Bearing Suppliers </a> None of these were true.  The addition of great draining and decomposed granite soil, led numerous entrepreneurs to Temecula with wine in mind.  The objective in the early ‘70’s was to produce a commercial quality product and increase the awareness of this new California appellation.While grapes have been grown and wineries bearing since the early ‘70’s in Temecula Valley, much has changed of late. During the next 30 years, wine growers poured in the Valley determined to grow whatever Callaway and other new vineyards were obtaining.  These “wine experts” cited reasons such as “it is too hot in Temecula to grow quality grapes” (even though the temperature in degree days is identical to Paso Robles); that the wine growers did not grasp enough about viticulture (the farming of wine grapes) to use correct methods; and that the winemakers were too unknowledgable in the science of enology (the art of making wine) to be able to make an excellent grape into a excellent wine.  However, for Callaway and others to succeed in selling their wines, the cost of production needed to be very low so that the wholesale and retail wine prices could compete effectively.  Names like Callaway led the pack with a belief and drive to “put Temecula on the map”.  As an example, Falkner Winery produces a Sauvignon Blanc that two years in a row has won Double Gold at the San Francisco Newspaper Wine Competition over all the Napa Valley, Sonoma, and Central Coast entries.  Their Sangiovese based wine is called “Amante” and is a “Super Tuscan Style” blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc that since 2001 has won gold medals in wine challenges year after year and been recognized by winery writers as “one of their favorite wines of the year”.  One of the wineries, South Coast, even won the coveted “Golden Bear” award at the 2008 California State Fair Competition being honored as the Best Vineyard in the State! Temecula Valley wines have some a accomplished much in a short period of time.  The Valley itself is fortunate with an ideal climate for bringing about high quality wine grapes: hot, sunny days; cool evenings; long growing season; and limited rainfall during the growing season.  Recent cultivating of varietals such as Sangiovese, Syrah, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Riesling, and Merlot have shown the region to be able to produce wines of great distinction.  So for those that still believe that Temecula California does not produce  quality wines, stop living in the past and start trying some of the great new wines from this fabulous California region.  This was largely Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon since the distribution for these wines in the United States was excellent.  Vineyards such as Falkner, Stuart Cellars, Hart, South Coast, and Wilson Creek invested more currency into wine production with a prominence on quality over quantity.  They succeeded and Callaway Winery became known as “The” Temecula winery.  Once again the Valley was fortunate in that goal but with it came a new problem: the concept of the wine press that Temecula wines were not of high . Starting in the 2000’s the winegrowers and winemakers saw the outpouring of many new entrepreneurs into the Valley with the purpose of making world class wines.  

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